Get a Guided Photo Tour with a professional photographer

Explore secret locations with an expert photographer in London and Berlin and take remarkable photos

Discover, explore, create – this is the mantra of Poutte. Each and every one of our photo tours will give you an incredible experience

Infuse your love of photography with a professional photographer who will guide you through our handcrafted photo tours.

Why not allow us to take you on an adventure with our amazingly talented expert and experienced photographers.

They will use their local and professional knowledge to guide you while you explore the city and your camera and capture some truly remarkable photos.

Our guides will use their local and professional knowledge to guide you.

On our photography tours not only will we show you some hidden photography gems that only the locals know, but we will also give you some expert advice and tips that professional photographers use to enable you to achieve some amazing photos.

Our Intimate Photo Tours have very small class sizes so we can keep the teaching BIG – giving you the best out of our photo tours

What better way to learn about photography than immersing yourself in a new city while you are guided and nurtured to reach your potential as a photographer?

Our photo tours are crafted to incorporate the iconic locations in each city, and our insider knowledge will take you to the best spots to capture truly outstanding images.

Our hand-picked team of professional photographers are dedicated to make you great and guide you through the nuances of photography

Allow our hand-picked team of professional photographers to inspire, teach and lead you through our cities and help you get a grasp of both the creative and technical sides of photography.

Can you imagine a better way to learn about photography than discovering a new city with a professional to inspire and guide you to reach your potential as a photographer?

Our tailor-made photo tours take you to places for the best photo opportunities in each city, and our intimate knowledge will help you take truly amazing photos.


Discover a cool city from a local’s perspective with the enthusiasm of an explorer – a recipe for incredible photos

Our tours are tailored to you. So, if you have come across a location that you would like to visit, then we will try to incorporate this into your photo tour.

Our tour routes change depending on the time of day, the time of year and the weather conditions because we strive to take you to the best locations so you take stunning photos.

When your enthusiasm as an explorer is combined with our local and photography knowledge, you are on course to take some truly memorable photos marking the next stage on your journey as a photographer.

Our passion is to help you with your passion

We truly love what we do and take great pleasure in helping you to become the best photographer possible.

On our photo tours we will fully immerse you in photography and nurture your talent.

Oh yes, and a note especially to you the photographer who says that you are “not creative”, we have news for you! You are creative – and we are going to show you how creative you truly are with a little guidance from us.

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